About Us

The MTM is organized by one of the oldest and newest local committee of our association: LC Budapest. The original LC Budapest was one of the founders of IACES, yet the new organization is built up from scratch. IACES LC Budapest is equivalent to Zielinski Szilárd Civil Engineering College for Advanced Studies which is founded in 2004 by a few zealous students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Civil Engineering.

College for Advanced Studies (CAS or 'szakkollégium' in Hungarian) is a special type of professional student organizations in Hungary, similar to the English university colleges. Our organization is a registered and certified CAS, maintained by our university, but fully controlled by students. Its named after a well-known and acclaimed Polish-Hungarian architect and civil engineer Szilárd Zielinski. We are joined to IACES in 2017. Zielinski Szilárd Civil Engineering CAS currently has 60 members and about 80 events per year, most of them are professional courses, lectures, debates, soft skill trainings, study tours, site visits, competitions and conferences, and a few of them are team-building, balls and other cultural programs.

Our organisation divided to 5 sections which cover the majors of Faculty of Civil Engineering. Each section organises events related to their major but also we have a lot of common events. On the MTM all sections will organise programs, so you can attend a variety of professional event.