Frequently Asked Questions

This page is updated continuously on incoming questions.

Dates, arrivals and departures

Which day should I book my flight/train/bus?

The arrivals should be on April 29th and the departures should be on May 6th. If you don't have flight/train/bus on these days, you can arrive/departure 1–2 days erlier or later. If you are not sure about which flight you should choose, don't hesitate to ask us.

When will be the General Assembly of Representatives (GAR)?

The most important program of MTM will be on May 2nd. It may be subject to change, so if you would like to participate only on GAR, please contact us.

When will be the Zielinski Szilárd Conference?

The conference will be held on May 4th. We will send detailed information about the conference later.

Can I join later and/or leave earlier?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind: for the full experience you should attend on the whole event!